Network Administration: Net Config Command - dummies

Network Administration: Net Config Command

Among the commands available to the network administrator is the Net Config command. This command lets you view or configure various network services. Here’s the syntax:

net config [{server|workstation}]

To configure server settings, use this syntax:

net config server [/autodisconnect:time]                  
[/srvcomment:"text"] [/hidden:{yes | no}]

The following paragraphs describe the parameters for the Net Config command:

  • Server: Lets you display and configure the Server service while it’s running.

  • Workstation: Lets you display and configure the Workstation service while it’s running.

  • Autodisconnect: Specifies how long a user’s session can be inactive before it’s disconnected. Specify –1 to never disconnect. The range is –1 to 65535 minutes, which is about 45 days. The default is 15 minutes.

  • Srvcomment: Specifies a description of the server. The comment can be up to 48 characters long and should be enclosed in quotation marks.

  • Hidden: Specifies whether the server appears in screens that display available servers. Hiding a server doesn’t make the server unavailable; it just means that the user will have to know the name of the server in order to access it. The default is No.

Here’s an example that sets a server’s descriptive comment:

C:>net config server /srvcomment:"DHCP Server"