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Network Administration: Installing FTP

Although File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is integrated with Microsoft IIS version 6, FTP is not installed by default when you install IIS. As a result, if you didn’t specifically select FTP when you installed IIS, you need to install FTP before you can set up an FTP site. Here are the procedures for Windows Server 2003 and 2008:

  • For Windows Server 2003, you install the FTP protocol by choosing Control Panel→Add or Remove Programs→Add/Remove Windows Components.

    Then, select Application Server from the list of components, click Details, and choose Internet Information Services (IIS). Click Details again and then select File Transfer Protocol (FTP) from the list of IIS subcomponents.

    Finally, click OK to install FTP. If asked, you’ll need to insert the Windows Server 2003 setup disc.

  • For Windows Server 2008, choose Start→Server Manager and select the Web Server (IIS) role.

    Scroll down to the Role Services section and then click Add Role Services. Select the FTP Server role, click Next, and then click Install.

After completing the install of the FTP software you will need to create your FTP site.