Network Administration: Configuring Samba Users

You must create a separate Samba user account for each network user who needs to access the Samba server. In addition, you must first create a Linux user account for each user. The Samba user account maps to an existing Linux user account, so you must create the Linux user account first.

1From the Samba Server Configuration window, choose Preferences→Samba Users.

The Samba Users dialog box appears.

2Click Add User.

The Create New Samba User dialog box appears.

3From the Unix Username drop-down list, select the Linux user that you want this user to log on as.

If you forgot to create the Linux user account for this user, choose System→Administration→Users and Groups and create the account now.

4Enter the Windows username for the user.

This is the name of the user’s Windows user account. Type the user’s password into the password fields.

5Click OK.

You’re returned to the Samba Users dialog box, which should now list the user that you just created. Repeat steps for any other users you want to create.

6After you’re done, click OK.

The Samba Users dialog box is dismissed.