Information to Record about Your Telecom Circuits - dummies

Information to Record about Your Telecom Circuits

By Stephen P. Olejniczak

Part of Telecom For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Telecom systems run on circuits, so to manage your telecom systems effectively, you need to keep track of the circuits and on the toll-free numbers associated with them. The following list shows you what type of information to record:

Your Dedicated Circuit Toll-Free Information
Circuit ID(s) Toll-Free # Ring-to-Number
Circuit Type (T-1 or DS-3) DNIS Digits
Quantity of Circs ANI Delivery (Yes / No) ANI II (Yes / No)
Line Coding/Framing Overflow Routing (Yes / No) Time of Day Routing (Yes / No)
Outpulse Signal/Start Geo Routing (Yes / No) Payphone Block (Yes / No)
Trunk Group Config Quantity of 8XX
Date Circuit Installed RespOrg ID Code
Trunk Group Name