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Enterprise Mobile Device: Personal Windows Phone Backup and Restore

By Rich Campagna, Subbu Iyer, Ashwin Krishnan, Mark Bauhaus

Education of your mobile device carrying employees on methods of backing-up, restoring and transferring data helps protect them and corporate resources. Here is information on management of Windows Phone 7 backups, restores and data transfers which you can pass on to your users.

Backing up Windows Phone 7 devices

For Windows Phone 7 smartphones, you can use the Zune software from Microsoft to sync files and data between those devices and your computer. Zune enables the transfer of files such as videos, music, and pictures, as well as call logs and phone settings from a smartphone to a computer. Zune is also required to update a Windows Phone to the latest software versions released by Microsoft.

The Zune software is available as a free download. The Zune software is available only for Windows PCs at the time of writing. There is, however, a Windows Phone 7 Connector application available for Mac computers. You can download it from the Microsoft Download Center.

The Zune software allows you to backup specific files or data selectively, such as particular videos of corporate training programs or maybe pictures of a product launch or marketing event. There’s no need to sync the entire device with the computer every time.

Zune can also be configured to sync a phone and computer automatically whenever they’re both connected to the same wireless network — as when, for example, your phone and PC are both connected to a company wireless network.

Automatic backups using Zune kick in only when the phone isn’t in active use. For example, your phone has to be sitting idle for the automatic backup to start with the computer. If it’s active — say, you’re having a phone conversation or browsing the web — the backup won’t run.

Restoring data from Windows Phone 7 devices

The Zune software application for Windows PCs can restore data (including photos, videos, music, and other user files) from your computer to Windows Phone 7 devices.

Such restoration doesn’t, however, include apps installed on your phone. If you had customized apps downloaded from the Windows marketplace, those customizations won’t be available anywhere to be restored to the phone.