How to Make Copies with the SketchUp Move Tool - dummies

How to Make Copies with the SketchUp Move Tool

By Aidan Chopra

Lots of folks spend time hunting around in SketchUp, trying to figure out how to make copies. It’s very simple: You just press a modifier key — a button on your keyboard that tells SketchUp to do something different — while you’re using the Move tool. Instead of moving something, you move a copy of it.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Press the Ctrl key to copy in Windows, and press the Option key to copy on a Mac. This tells SketchUp to switch from Move to Copy while you’re moving something with the Move tool. Your cursor shows a little + next to it, and your copy moves when you move your mouse.


    If you decide you don’t want to make a copy, just press the Ctrl key (Option on a Mac) again to toggle back to Move; the + sign disappears.

  • Copying is just like moving, except you’re moving a copy. This means that all the same rules for using the Move tool apply to making copies, too.

    You can make more than one copy at a time. Perhaps you want to make five equally spaced copies of a column. All you have to do is move a copy to where you want your last column to be; then type 5/ and press Enter. This makes five copies of my column and spaces them evenly between the first and last column in the row. Neat, huh?


    If you know how far apart you want your copies to be, you can move a copy that distance, type 5x, and press Enter. Your five copies appear equally spaced in a row.