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Discovering Everything that GoldMine Can Do

By Joel Scott

GoldMine tracks all the names, addresses, phone numbers, and basic contact information you will ever need. If you never use GoldMine as anything more than an electronic Rolodex, you will have gotten your money’s worth. But if you use GoldMine in such a limited way, you’ll miss out on most of the power for which your company paid good money.

Consolidating all your prospect and customer information

You will reap tremendous benefits from consistently entering every lead and every account into GoldMine. And if you can convince everyone in your organization to do the same, you have not only one organized location for all your data but also the following advantages:

  • Everyone with authorization in your organization can share data and schedules.
  • You can link e-mail and other documents to appropriate records, enabling you to maintain a complete audit trail.
  • When a salesperson leaves your company, you can easily transfer her accounts to her replacement without missing a beat.
  • You can set up all sorts of imaginative Automated Processes to help you with sales, marketing, and support.

Keeping track of your life

You can use GoldMine to track your business schedule. Just as important, GoldMine can keep schedules for all users and can help you coordinate your activities with theirs. This capability is one of the compelling reasons to use a CRM system such as GoldMine.

GoldMine lets you see what everyone else on your team is doing (although it also offers many provisions for privacy); at the same time, it lets everyone else track what you’re doing. (Or, at least what you claim you’re doing.) GoldMine can even coordinate the data for remote salespeople who rarely venture into the office.

If your entire team uses GoldMine consistently to schedule both professional time and personal appointments, you can

  • Eliminate most instances of overbooked or double-booked staff.
  • Feel reasonably safe in scheduling appointments for others in your organization.
  • Let GoldMine automatically find a time when everyone on your team is available to meet.
  • Have a complete audit trail of team members’ activities.

Setting up Automated Processes

One great feature of GoldMine is its Automated Processes, with which you can automate almost any business process you can design. With Automated Processes, you can have GoldMine send out follow-ups to sales calls or remind you to call a client or escalate an issue to your boss when you ignore GoldMine’s first or second notices.

Organizing your customer support

Along with a completely reworked user interface, GoldMine Premium now boasts a customer service module that allows GoldMine to manage service issues by associating each issue with an account. It also assigns issues to a queue until someone deals with it and maintains a library of service-related documents.