Basics of the Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Family - dummies

Basics of the Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Family

By Chris Ruel, Michael Wessler

Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) became available in Oracle 7 and has gone through numerous changes since then to get to the Oracle 12c version. EM basically started as a desktop client and evolved into the web-based application it is today.

EM Database Express in Oracle 12c

Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express is a web-based database management tool that is built inside each Oracle database. All the SQL commands you normally type have been translated into a graphical point-and-click interface. EM Database Express even supports RAC database management.

EM Database Express started shipping in Oracle 12c and above and serves as the replacement for EM Database Control that shipped with 10g and 11g. This lighter weight tool for just Oracle database management is the second major shift in graphical-based management options that Oracle has offered since Oracle 8i.

Some users find this method easier than learning SQL and typing commands. However, if you have many databases, you might find this method tedious and resource-consuming.

EM Cloud Control in Oracle 12c

EM Cloud Control offers everything in EM Database Express and much more. Cloud Control is truly an enterprise level management suite, covering the Oracle database plus server, network, and storage management. It can even be used to manage non-Oracle databases. The interface is similar to Database Express when you’re working on individual databases; it also acts as a central console for managing your entire environment, including the following:

  • Oracle Software stacks

  • Windows and Linux operating systems

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Other software products

With regard to databases, EM Cloud Control can register and maintain Oracle versions from 9i through 12c. As of this writing, Oracle has shipped 12c Cloud Control Release 3. EM Cloud Control is installed on its own centralized server in your enterprise.

You can deploy the Oracle Management Agent to all the hosts with software you want EM Cloud Control to manage. The install and setup can be a little intimidating at first, but if you have a diverse environment with many servers and versions of Oracle, it can be a lifesaver in the long run.

How to configure EM Database Express with the DBCA in Oracle 12c

The easiest way to set up EM Database Express is to configure it during database creation with the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA). This shows the DBCA asking whether you want to configure your database with EM Database Express (for local management).


We recommend EM Database Express because it is the easiest approach when learning to be a DBA. When you let the DBCA set up the database for you, it gathers the required answers for the installation while it takes you through different steps.

When your database creation is complete, open a browser and log in to EM Database Express to begin managing your database. Typically, this URL is most common: https://hostname:5500/em.

You can log in with any username that has DBA, EM_EXPRESS_ALL, or EM_EXPRESS_BASIC roles. Check the SYSDBA option if you want to do advanced DBA activities. Just make sure your user has the SYSDBA privilege.