How to Create a Golf Ball in MicroWorlds EX (Part 2) - dummies

How to Create a Golf Ball in MicroWorlds EX (Part 2)

To create a golf ball in MicroWorlds EX, build an object by making a turtle: Go up to your toolbar and click the Create a Turtle button. Now, place your cursor in your workspace, and click once to hatch your turtle. Drag the turtle to the spot on the putting green where you want to tee off.

Next, make a golf ball shape for the turtle to wear. You can create one from scratch by using the Shapes pane on the right side of the MicroWorlds EX interface — but it’s faster and easier to modify an existing shape to make it look like a golf ball. Go to the Painting and Clipart palette, and click the Singles button (the icon of a yellow flower). Scroll down to the blurry, black-and-white soccer ball located next to the star. Drag the soccer ball into any of the spots on the Shapes pane. Close the Painting and Clipart palette.

To transform the soccer ball into a golf ball, just change the black areas to gray: Double-click the soccer ball to open the Shape Editor. Click the Pencil tool and select a medium shade of gray. Next, click the black parts of the ball, pixel by pixel, to change them to gray. You also can use the Paint Can, but clicking on pixels covers the tiny areas more accurately. When you finish changing colors, click OK.

Click once on your new golf ball, and then click the turtle in your workspace. Now you see a golf ball at the tee.