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Addressing Typical Windows 2000 Directory Service Exam Concerns

Here are the answers to ten common questions that candidates ask about the MCSE Windows 2000 Directory Services. Use this information to make sure that you are ready for test day.

What is the exam format?

Historically, the exam uses a standard multiple-choice format with a few drag-and-drop type questions here or there. You will see some questions that tell you to “Choose the best answer,” and others that say “Choose all the correct answers.” Microsoft also asks some scenario-style questions that are somewhat like traditional story problems.

What is the passing score?

The minimum required passing score is 651 points out of 1,000.

How much time will I have?

You have 110 minutes to complete the exam.

How many questions will I get?

The exam traditionally contains 43 questions.

How hard is the test — really?

Interestingly, you’ll hear different responses to questions about the difficulty of the exam. Some people say the exam is impossible to pass. These folks did not study or they studied the wrong materials. Others who have studied hard and read the best materials will find the exam simple.

What online resources will help me prepare?

At the very least, be sure to use the Microsoft Certification site. There, you will find the official page dedicated to this exam. And as always, answer as many reputable practice questions as you can obtain.

What if I fail?

Hey, no big deal if you fail the exam. The worst parts are probably going to be the expense and the delay you experience before you move on to your next exam. If you studied hard and still fail, you will definitely know what you don’t know following the experience. Brush up on your weak areas and go after it again.

If you fail twice within the same week, Microsoft makes you wait at least two weeks before you can try again.

I heard there are no more score reports — Is that true?

For most new Microsoft exams, you do not get a score report to help you identify your weak areas. You need to know the material really well going in so you can at least identify your weak areas because you no longer get a score breakdown. The new report only lists your score and the passing score.

What should I take to the testing center?

You need to have two forms of identification with you, one with a picture. That’s it. If you take a phone or Personal Data Assistant (PDA) or any other nifty gadget with you, get ready to surrender it at check-in.

How do I schedule the exam?

To schedule your exam day, contact Sylvan-Prometric or Virtual University Enterprises (VUE). You can call Sylvan-Prometric at 800-755-EXAM (from the U.S or Canada) or 410-843-8000 (from anywhere), or register via Sylvan’s Web site. Contact VUE by calling 888-837-8616 (from the U.S. and Canada) or 612-995-8800 (from anywhere), or via VUE’s Web site.