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Business or Mission‐Critical Features of NoSQL

By Adam Fowler

All sophisticated IT systems have features that become acutely important if they’re being used for business or mission‐critical jobs. If your organization’s reputation or its financial situation will suffer if your system fails, then your system is, by definition, an enterprise class system.

A good example of such a system in the financial services world is a trade management system. Billions of dollars are traded in banks every day. In this case, if your system were to go down for a whole day, then the financial and reputational costs would be huge — and potentially fatal to your business.

The consequences of a failure in a government system might be politically embarrassing, to both executives and those implementing the systems! A possible and more serious side effect, though, might be the risk of life and limb. For example, take a military system monitoring advancing troops. If it were to fail for a day, troops might be put in harm’s way.

In the civilian sphere, certainly in the UK and the European Union, primary healthcare systems manage critical information. In the UK, there are what’s called Summary Care Records in which patient information is held and shared if needed — for example, information about allergies and medications. If a person is rushed to a hospital, this record is consulted. Without this information on hand, it’s possible that improper care might be given.