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Use Experts to Help with Infographics Research

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

Sometimes your best resource when doing research for your infographics is an actual human being with a specialized area of knowledge — in other words, an expert. That can be particularly true if you need help understanding a highly complex topic, such as quantum mechanics.

Even if you’re dealing in more obscure subjects, an expert can often tell you where to go if you’ve hit a wall in your search for information.

Finding experts isn’t difficult, and generally they’re willing to help. Try looking at the following sources when you find yourself in need of an authority on your topic:

  • Books: An author who has written about the subject you’re researching can be a great source of information. He may have the data you’re looking for, but even if he doesn’t, he’ll likely know who does. If you can’t find the author’s direct contact info from a web search, the media relations department of the book’s publisher can often get you in touch.

  • Research institutes and think tanks: These organizations are filled with subject matter experts. Find one that has done research on your subject and contact their press department. The PR team will find the right person for you to speak to.

  • Universities: The website of a university will have dedicated pages for their different departments, typically listing the faculty and staff within that branch. Find the department that’s relevant to you, and you can often find an expert, as well as her contact information, directly through the site.

    If you’re not sure who is your best contact, call or e-mail the department and explain what you need, to see whether you can get in touch with the best person.