Reselect or Inverse Selections in Photoshop Elements 10 - dummies

Reselect or Inverse Selections in Photoshop Elements 10

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

You can use the Select menu commands to further modify selections by reselecting and even inversing your selections, along with a host of other options including expanding, contracting, smoothing, softening, growing, and grabbing similarly colored pixels. If that doesn’t satisfy your selection needs, nothing will.

Select all or nothing in Photoshop Elements 10

The Select All and Deselect commands are no-brainers. To select everything in your image, choose Select→All or press Ctrl+A (Command+A on the Macintosh). To deselect everything, choose Select→Deselect or press Ctrl+D (Command+D on the Macintosh).

Remember that you usually don’t have to Select All. If you don’t have a selection border in your image, Elements assumes that the whole image is fair game for any manipulation.

Reselect a selection in Photoshop Elements 10

If you sacrifice that second cup of coffee to steady your hand and take the time to carefully lasso around your desired object, you don’t want to lose your selection before you have a chance to perform your next move. But all it takes is an inadvertent click of your mouse while you have an active selection border to obliterate your selection.

Fortunately, Elements anticipated such a circumstance and offers a solution. If you choose Select→Reselect, Elements retrieves your last selection.

One caveat: The Reselect command works only for the last selection you made, so don’t plan to reselect a selection you made last Tuesday or even just five minutes ago, if you selected something else after that selection. If you want to reuse a selection for the long term, save it.

Inverse a selection in Photoshop Elements 10

You know the old song lyric: “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” Well, making selections in Elements is kind of like that. Sometimes, it’s just easier to select what you don’t want rather than what you do want.

For example, if you’re trying to select your beloved in his or her senior photo, it’s probably easier to just click the studio backdrop with the Magic Wand and then inverse the selection by choosing Select→Inverse.