How to Print a Picture Package or Contact Sheet in Elements - dummies

How to Print a Picture Package or Contact Sheet in Elements

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Adobe Photoshop Elements offers two printing options that are available in different places on Windows and the Mac: Picture Package enables you to arrange one or more images on a page, and print those images from a selection of standard-size prints; Contact Sheet enables you to print samples of several images.

Before digital photography, the contact sheet format was how photographers initially evaluated their shots.


If you want to print a picture package or a contact sheet, you must print from the Organizer (Windows) or choose a command (Picture Package or Contact Sheet) from the File menu in the Photo Editor on the Mac, where these options are available.

All the steps for printing are basically the same except the key difference is the Color Management options you see. The Color Management options are limited to choosing a Print Space (such as sRGB or Adobe RGB).

On a Windows computer, the Photo Editor offers better Color Management options. Always print your files from the Photo Editor unless you want to print a special print, such as a Picture Package, that requires you to print from the Organizer. Printing from the Photo Editor enables you to make use of all the Color Management options available in the More Options dialog box.