How to Fix Red Eye in Photoshop Elements 11 - dummies

How to Fix Red Eye in Photoshop Elements 11

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Photoshop Elements 11 offers you a couple of ways to fix red eye in your images. The Auto Red Eye Fix command automatically detects and eliminates red-eye in an image. Red-eye occurs when a person or an animal (where a red-eye can also be a yellow, green, or even blue eye) looks directly into the flash.

Many cameras have a red-eye prevention mode, which is a pre-flash that causes the subjects’ pupils to contract, making their pupils smaller when the real flash goes off. Other cameras mount the flash high or to the side of the lens, which also minimizes the chance of red-eye.

However, these preventive measures are of little solace when you have a great picture that features bright red pupils as its dominant feature.

If, for some reason, the Auto Red Eye Fix doesn’t correct the problem, you can always try the Red Eye Removal tool on the Tools panel. Here’s how to remove red-eye manually:

  1. Select the Red Eye Removal tool from the Tools panel in the Photo Editor in Expert mode.

    Note that this tool is also available in Quick mode.

  2. Using the default settings, click the red portion of the eye in your image.

    This one-click tool darkens the pupil while retaining the tonality and texture of the rest of the eye.


  3. If you’re unhappy with the fix, adjust one or both of these options in the Tool Options:

    • Pupil Size: Use the slider to increase or decrease the size of the pupil.

    • Darken Pupil: Use the slider to darken or lighten the color of the pupil.

    If all goes well, your image is now cured of the dreaded red-eye. (Refer to the image on the right.)

You can also use the Brush tool with a Color blend mode and paint away the red. Or you can use the Color Replacement tool with a black foreground to color away the crimson. If you’re trying to fix green-eye in animals, your best bet is to use the Color Replacement tool.