How to Adjust Skin Tones in Images in Photoshop Elements 9 - dummies

How to Adjust Skin Tones in Images in Photoshop Elements 9

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Photoshop Elements has a command specifically designed to adjust the overall color in an image to adjust skin tones to a natural shade. This command is useful if you find that the loved ones in your photos have taken on a rather sickly shade of green, red, or some other non-flesh-colored tone.

1Open your image in Edit Full or Edit Quick mode, and do one or both of the following:

Select the layer that needs to be adjusted. If you don’t have any layers, your entire image is adjusted.

Select the areas of skin that need to be adjusted. Only the selected areas are adjusted. This is the way to go if you just want to tweak the skin tones.

2Choose Enhance→Adjust Color→Adjust Color for Skin Tone.

The Adjust Color for Skin Tone dialog box appears. This command is also found in Guided mode.

3In the image window, click the portion of skin that needs to be corrected.

The command adjusts the color of the skin tone, as well as the color in the overall image, layer, or selection, depending on what you selected in Step 1.

4If you’re not satisfied with the results, click another area or fiddle with the Skin and Ambient Light sliders.

The Tan slider adds or removes the amount of brown in the skin. The Blush slider adds or removes the amount of red in the skin. The Temperature slider adjusts the overall color of the skin, making it warmer (right toward red) or cooler (left toward blue).

5When you’re happy with the correction, click OK to apply the adjustment and close the dialog box.

The newly toned skin appears. To start anew, click the Reset button. And, of course, to bail out completely, click Cancel.