How to Minimize the Flash Delays on Your Digital Camera

Your digital camera’s flash can cause delays because it needs to build up a full charge between shots. These delays can make you miss the perfect photo opportunity. You can minimize these delays, but you can’t prevent them.

1Take close-up shots.

Close-up shots use less power. If you’re taking close-up photos, you can probably shoot more quickly and with fewer delays than if you’re using up your flash’s maximum power with every shot.

2Reduce your flash’s power setting.

If you can, adjust your camera flash’s power setting. Obviously, using less power means the flash will need less time to recharge.

3Use an external flash.

The flash built into your camera has been designed to use the minimum amount of power necessary to do the job, which can mean slower recycling. External flash usually have beefier batteries and recycle much more quickly.

4Attach an add-on battery pack to your external flash.

The more batteries you have, the quicker your flash can charge.