Capturing Freeze Action - dummies

By Jonathan Streetman

Sports are often extremely fast-paced. That’s why we love to play them and even watch others play them. That fast pace is also the number one thing a photographer will have to compensate for when photographing a sporting event. A good sports photographer should, at the very least, be able to properly freeze the motion of the athletes to make a sharp image without any blur.

Following these simple steps you too can freeze the action like a pro:

1Choose which mode you want to shoot in.

Remember that with Sports mode, your camera automatically uses a fast shutter speed, which is what you need to freeze action. If you want to have more control over the operations of the camera, you should choose either Shutter Priority or Manual mode. Both of these will allow you to set the shutter speed yourself.

2Set your shutter speed to 1/250 second or faster.

Depending on how much ambient light you have, you may be able to set your shutter to 1/500 or even at 1/1000 second. This will allow you to capture extremely fast motion, but you will have to use a really wide aperture to allow enough light into your camera, something like f/4 or larger.

3Frame up your shot before you are going to shoot it.

This is where your knowledge of the sport can help you anticipate where the action is going to be next.

4When the subject comes into frame, press halfway down on the shutter release to autofocus.

You should hear a beep and see either a flashing box or a dot inside your viewfinder indicating the subject that the camera has chosen to focus on.

5Once your subject is focused, simply press the rest of the way down on the shutter release to take the photo.

Your photo is captured, your subject is sharp, and there’s no blur in the picture.