What Is the GoPro App? - dummies

By John Carucci

The GoPro is a pint-size wonder that not only fits in the palm of your hand, but also easily mounts anywhere. Put it on a bicycle helmet to capture the rider’s perspective. Mount it on a surfboard and not worry about frying the electronics, thanks to its watertight housing.

How about mounting it on an inexpensive remote-control drone (more appropriately known here as a quadcopter) and recording overhead footage — something that was out of the realm of possibility for consumers a few short years ago? (Check local ordinances first so you don’t fly your airship too close to a restricted area or violate privacy and security of others.)

The GoPro App (see the figure) allows you to control the camera from a distance and monitor the scene. It also lets you wirelessly update camera firmware and get the latest features to maintain best performance.

The app lets you control the camera and do more with your content than ever before, including sharing it over social media. It provides full remote control of all camera functions so you can start and stop your recording, adjust camera settings, or take a photo.


Live Preview (see this figure) lets you see what your camera sees for easy shot framing while capturing the scene. You can also play back video and view photos right on your smartphone.


Updating firmware on electronics isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s complicated and bothersome, and nobody really wants to do it, so it doesn’t always get done. The GoPro App, however, changes all that by allowing you to keep your camera up to date via Wi-Fi.

You can share your favorite video clips and photos via email, text, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Although you can’t share directly from the camera, you can use the app on your smartphone or other mobile device to access the image files and then share them (see this figure). It’s a free download at GoPro.com.