Resizing Single Pictures on a Nikon D7000

By Julie Adair King

The in-camera resizing tool on a Nikon D7000 works on both JPEG and Raw images. If you apply it directly to a Raw image, though, you lose the chance to adjust the resized image through the camera’s Raw conversion tool. So you may prefer to do the conversion first, which creates a JPEG copy at the original size, and then create a small copy of that JPEG image.

Either way, to create a small copy of just one image, take these steps:

  1. Press the Playback button to set your camera to playback mode.

  2. Display the picture in single-image view.

    If the monitor currently displays multiple thumbnails, just press OK to switch to single-image view.

  3. Press OK to display the Retouch menu over your image


  4. Highlight Resize and press OK or press the Multi Selector right.

  5. If two memory cards are installed, highlight the card where you want to store the small copy.

  6. Press the Multi Selector right.

    A screen appears, offering the list of size options (stated in pixels) available for your small copy.


  7. Highlight the size you want to use for your copy.

  8. Press OK or press the Multi Selector right.

    A screen appears, asking you to confirm that you want to create a small copy.

  9. Highlight Yes and press OK.

    The camera duplicates the selected image and downsamples (eliminates pixels from) the copy to achieve the size you specified in Step 7. Your original picture file remains untouched.

When you view your small-size copies on the camera monitor, they appear with a Retouch icon at the top of the screen and a Resize icon at the bottom. You can’t zoom in to magnify the view of copies creating using the two smallest sizes.