How to Zoom in on a Photo in Single-Frame View on Your Nikon D5300 - dummies

How to Zoom in on a Photo in Single-Frame View on Your Nikon D5300

By Julie Adair King

After displaying a photo in single-frame view on your Nikon D5300, you can magnify it to get a close-up look at important details, as shown on the right. Here’s the scoop:

  • Zoom in. Press the Zoom In button. You can magnify the image to a maximum of 13 to 33 times its original display size, depending on the picture resolution (Image Size). Just keep pressing the button until you reach the magnification you want.

  • Zoom out. To zoom out to a reduced magnification, press the Zoom Out button.

  • View another part of the magnified picture. When an image is magnified, a thumbnail showing the entire image appears briefly in the lower-right corner of the monitor. The yellow outline in the thumbnail indicates the area that’s consuming the rest of the monitor space.

    Use the Multi Selector to scroll the yellow box and display a different portion of the image. After a few seconds, the navigation thumbnail disappears; just press the Multi Selector in any direction to redisplay it.


  • Inspect faces. Try this trick to inspect each face in a group shot: Press the Zoom In button once to magnify the image slightly. The picture-in-picture thumbnail then displays a white border around each detected face. (Typically, subjects must be facing the camera for faces to be detected.)

    Next, press the i button and then press the Multi Selector right or left to jump from face to face. Press OK to fill the frame with the selected face. Press the i button again to return to the normal playback zoom behavior.

  • View more images at the same magnification. Here’s another neat trick: While the display is zoomed, rotate the Command dial to display the same area of the next photo at the same magnification. So if you shot the same subject several times, you can easily check to see how a particular detail appears in each one.

  • Return to full-frame view. When you’re ready to return to the normal magnification level, you don’t need to keep pressing the Zoom Out button until the view is all the way zoomed out. Instead, just press OK.