How to Resize a Batch of Images with a Nikon D7000 - dummies

How to Resize a Batch of Images with a Nikon D7000

By Julie Adair King

Unlike pictures you want to print, photos you post on the Internet don’t have to be high-resolution. If you want to put photos online from your Nikon D7000 online (or e-mail them), you can resize them with the camera, before you even transfer them to your computer. If you want to create small copies of several photos on your memory card, you can save time by using the following alternative in-camera resizing process. (These steps work with both JPEG and Raw files.)

  1. Press the Menu button and then display the Retouch menu.

  2. Select the Resize option and press OK.


  3. If two memory cards are installed, select Choose Destination and then select which card you want to use to store the resized images.

  4. Select Choose Size to choose the size for the small copies.

  5. Choose Select Image and press OK to display thumbnails of all your pictures.


  6. Move the yellow highlight box over a thumbnail and press the ISO button to “tag” the photo for copying.

    You see a little icon in the top-right corner of the thumbnail. Press the button again to remove the tag if you change your mind.

  7. After selecting all your pictures, press OK to display the copy-confirmation screen.

  8. Highlight Yes and press OK once more to wrap things up.