How to Compare Before and After Images on the Nikon D60 - dummies

How to Compare Before and After Images on the Nikon D60

By Julie Adair King

Part of Nikon D60 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

After you apply a change to an image through the Retouch menu on your Nikon D60, you can compare the original and retouched photos side by side on the camera monitor. Here’s how:

  1. Display either the original or edited picture in full-frame view.

  2. Press OK.

    A variation of the Retouch menu appears superimposed on the image.

  3. Highlight Before and After and press OK.

    Now you see the original image in the left half of the frame, with the retouched version on the right. The Retouch options you applied appear at the top of the screen.

    If you created multiple retouched versions of the same original, you can compare all the versions with the original. First, press the Multi Selector right or left to surround the After image with the yellow highlight box. Now press the Multi Selector up and down to scroll through all the retouched versions.

  4. To temporarily view the original or retouched image at full-frame view, highlight its thumbnail and then press and hold the Zoom button.

    When you release the button, you’re returned to Before and After view.

  5. To exit Before and After view and return to full-frame playback, press OK.

Note that this view option doesn’t appear on the Retouch menu if you display the menu by pressing the Menu button. You can only take advantage of Before and After view by using the method described in the steps.