Shopping for Your Rottweiler Puppy - dummies

Shopping for Your Rottweiler Puppy

By Richard G. Beauchamp

Part of Rottweilers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Having everything in place before you bring your Rottweiler puppy home is important. You need items to keep the dog busy, have toys for training, and provide a place for your puppy to sleep. Make sure you have the following basics on hand when welcoming your Rottweiler home:

  • Paneled fence partition or pen to cordon off a living area for the puppy

  • Fiberglass kennel crate or metal wire cage

  • Feeding bowls and water dishes

  • Food prescribed by the breeder

  • Brushes, combs, and nail clippers

  • Doggy quick bath

  • Special dog shampoo

  • Collars and leashes

  • Toys

  • Household odor neutralizer and cleaners

  • Chewing deterrents