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Performing Artificial Respiration and CPR on Your Puppy

By Sarah Hodgson

At some point, you may need to perform artificial respiration or CPR on your puppy. As horrible as it is to see your puppy lying there after a fire or a car accident, or after choking, ingesting poison, or being electrocuted, you may not be too late to save him. So be quick, stay calm, and think clearly when following the steps for performing artificial respiration or CPR.

Artificial respiration for your puppy

Follow these steps to perform artificial respiration on your puppy:

  1. Check for a heartbeat and breathing.

    If your pup’s heart is beating but he isn’t breathing, proceed to the next step. If you also don’t feel a pulse, see the next section for administering CPR.

  2. Check for any obstructions in the mouth and clear his mouth of any blood or mucus.

  3. Pull his tongue out to make sure the airway is clear.

  4. Shut his mouth gently.

  5. Pull his lips over his mouth and secure them by wrapping one hand under his chin.

  6. Create an airtight funnel to his nose with your free hand.

  7. Inhale, and then exhale air smoothly into your puppy’s nose.

  8. Repeat every five to six seconds.

CPR for your puppy

If you can’t feel your puppy’s heartbeat, you must pump his heart for him by performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), which means doing chest compressions in addition to the artificial breathing method described earlier. To give CPR to your puppy, follow these steps:

  1. If you have a large pup, lay him on his right side. If you have a small pup, place a hand on either side of his chest.

  2. Compress the heart area of the chest in short bursts, one compression per second.

  3. Exercise one breath every six seconds.

    You’ll know when you’ve saved your dog because he’ll come back to life.