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Items to Have on Hand during Dog Photo Sessions

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

Besides all the doggie accouterments you’ll need to have on hand, you also need to focus on your accessories to have during dog photography sessions. These aren’t requirements at all, but they may come in handy along the way.

  • Air blower: An air blower is a handy little device with a plastic bulb on one end that shoots out air when it’s compressed. It’s a great tool to clear away dust (or dog hair) from your camera lens!

    Never use compressed cans of air on your photography equipment though, because every once in a while, they have a habit of releasing liquid, which you don’t want to get on your gear.

  • Lens cloth: When photographing dogs, you’re bound to get a wet nose to the camera lens eventually. A lens cloth is a specially designed piece of fabric that won’t scratch that expensive glass.

  • Lens filter: To protect an expensive camera lens from scratches, consider purchasing a clear filter that screws on to the front of your camera lens. It’s way cheaper to replace a scratched filter than a scratched camera lens.

  • Extra batteries: Most digital cameras come with batteries that last many hours before needing to be recharged. If you plan on shooting for an entire day, though, have a charged backup battery in your camera bag.

  • Clothes to get dirty in: Choosing an outfit you don’t mind rolling around on the ground in is especially important if you’re photographing outdoors. You may find yourself having to lie face first in the grass to get certain angles of your pooch.

  • Patience: Patience may not be a tangible accessory you can fit in your camera bag, but patience is one of the single most important traits a dog photographer can possess. This is especially true if your dog happens to be an obedience school dropout. What can we say, school’s not for everyone!

  • Assistant (wrangler/treat dangler): Having a friend or family member available to help out during a photo session makes your experience more enjoyable and allows you to spend more time focusing on your photography than on whether Gottlieb is sitting still.