How to Train Your Dog to Not Jump on People - dummies

How to Train Your Dog to Not Jump on People

The Sit-Stay command is the key to training your dog to not jump up on people. Even dog-lovers don’t appreciate being pawed over or knocked back by an enthusiastic canine greeting.

To teach your dog to sit and stay when greeting people instead of showing his love with jumps and dog kisses, get a friend to come calling and follow these steps, which assume your dog is already trained to greet callers from a controlled Sit-Stay position:

  1. Agree on a time and put your dog on leash.

  2. Tell your dog to “Sit and Stay” when the doorbell rings.

  3. Open the door to your visitor. If your dog tries to get up gets up or jump up, reinforce the Sit-Stay command and give a brief check if necessary.

    If your pet gets excited easily, you may have to put him on the live ring of his training collar before he takes you seriously. Less energetic dogs catch on after two or three attempts.

  4. Admit your visitor and reinforce the Stay command with your dog.

    Your pooch naturally wants to say hello, but have your visitor approach him, palm forward.

  5. Let your dog sniff your visitor’s palm, and then have your helper ignore him.

    You may have to be right next to your pup to reinforce the Sit-Stay command.

  6. Repeat this procedure several times until your dog reliably holds the Sit-Stay while you open the door and greet your visitor.

    Remember to release him.

  7. Repeat Steps 3 through 5 with your dog off leash once he seems to have the process down.