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Tools Available from the Quicken 2012 Investing Tab

By Stephen L. Nelson

You can work with the Quicken 2012 Investing tab’s commands and buttons to monitor your investments. The Quicken 2012 Investing tab provides different views (available when you click Portfolio, Performance, or Allocations), each of which provides its own information:

  • The Portfolio view lists the investment accounts you’ve set up within Quicken, the securities on your watch list, and the major stock market indexes. In addition, the view provides a bit of high-level information about each of these items.


  • The Performance view graphs your investment account values and cost bases over a selected time period and lets you compare these values to some external benchmark, such as the S&P 500.


  • The Allocations view provides charts and tables of information that let you see how your overall investments are allocated and how you’ve said they should be allocated. (You need to have identified which asset category your individual investment securities fall into in order to see your portfolio allocation, and you need to have used the first Options button’s Change Target Allocations command to set your allocations.)


The asset allocation and portfolio analysis tools are available when you click the Investing tab’s Tools button. Through the Tools button, Quicken provides several useful commands:

  • The Asset Allocation Guide command displays a web page that provides lots of solid information you can use to think smartly about how you allocate your investments between stocks and bonds and other choices. (This command is definitely worth a few minutes of exploration on your part.)

  • The Buy/Sell Preview command lets you estimate the financial effect on your portfolio of buying and/or selling specific investments.

  • The Capital Gains Estimator command calculates the unrealized capital gains and losses in your investment portfolio using the most current prices available to Quicken.