Pay Credit Card Bills after Reconciling Accounts in Quicken 2015

By Stephen L. Nelson

After you finish reconciling a credit card account in Quicken 2015, the program either alerts you to any differences between your account and the credit company’s statement or asks you whether you want to pay the account:

  • If some of the stuff in the credit card register doesn’t agree with the credit card statement, Quicken displays a message box to alert you to these, er, discrepancies. Then it suggests that you let it bring your records into agreement with the statement. To synchronize your records with the credit card statement, verify that Quicken is using a reasonable expense category to categorize the discrepancy and then click Adjust.


  • Quicken does a second thing after you finish reconciling a credit card account: It asks whether you want to pay the bill. The figure shows the Make Credit Card Payment dialog box, which is the tool that Quicken uses to collect the necessary data.


    You simply identify the bank account on which you want to write the check and indicate whether you’ll use a printed check or a handwritten check. Then Quicken records a check that pays the credit card balance into the register. You can edit, print, and do whatever else you want to do with this check in the usual way.