How to Edit and Rearrange Quicken 2012 Reports - dummies

How to Edit and Rearrange Quicken 2012 Reports

By Stephen L. Nelson

You may notice that when Quicken 2012 displays the report window, it also displays rows of buttons, including Delete, Export Data, Preferences, Back, Forward, History, Print, Save Report, Find & Replace, and Customize. Also appearing are the Date Range and the Subtotal By drop-down list boxes. (Not all these buttons are available in every report document window. And sometimes Quicken uses different names to refer to them.)


Quicken 2012 Back, Forward, and History buttons

The Back and Forward buttons let you move back and forth between open report windows. The History button displays a list of the windows you’ve displayed; you can choose a previously displayed window by clicking it in the list.

Quicken 2012 Delete button

The Delete button deletes the current report from the report list. You can use this button to, in effect, undo any changes you’ve made to a report and return to the default report specifications.

Quicken 2012 Sort button

The Sort button displays a list of sorting options that you can use for arranging information on the report. Enough said.

Quicken 2012 Save Report button

Say you get into this customization thing. If you do, you should know that you can save your customized reports by clicking the Save Report button. When you click Save Report, Quicken displays the Save Report dialog box. Mostly, Quicken displays this dialog box so that you can give your creation a name. You use this dialog box to indicate in which financial activity center Quicken should save your report.


By the way, after you create a saved report, you can reproduce it by selecting the report from the My Saved Reports section of the Reports & Graphs Center.

Quicken 2012 Preferences button

When you click the Preferences button, Quicken displays a Preferences dialog box with a bunch of boxes and buttons that let you change the way the window looks or works.

Quicken 2012 Date Range box

The Date Range box displays a drop-down list that you can use to specify what time period you want listed on your report: the current month, last year, the current quarter to date, and so on.

Quicken 2012 Column drop-down list box

The Column drop-down list box displays a list that enables you to tell Quicken you want subtotal amounts by some criterion. Just select the criterion. Note that sometimes Column is replaced with Subtotal By.


Quicken 2012 Customize button

The Customize button works pretty much the same no matter which report shows in the document window.

When you click this button, Quicken displays a dialog box that lets you enter the report title and specify the range of dates the report should cover by using text boxes. It also lets you choose from a variety of other options, too, such as which accounts to use, which transactions to use, and how the report’s information should be arranged.