Bank with Online Account Access and Online Bill Payment and Quicken 2012 - dummies

Bank with Online Account Access and Online Bill Payment and Quicken 2012

By Stephen L. Nelson

To begin using either the Online Account Access or the Online Bill Payment service with Quicken 2012, you have to sign up. If you want to use Online Account Access, you sign up with your bank. Just visit your bank’s website or call your local branch and ask someone whether the bank supports Online Account Access with Quicken.

(If your bank doesn’t support Online Account Access, you can still sign up with Intuit for Online Bill Payment — choose Tools→Quicken Bill Pay→Learn About Quicken Bill Pay for details.) Then do whatever the folks at the bank tell you to do to sign up.

You’ll probably have to fill out an application, agree to pay some extra fees, and then wait a few days for a customer identification number and a PIN, or personal identification number.

After the bank does its preparation and sends you its welcome letter, you can set up Quicken for Online Account Access. To set up Quicken to use Online Account Access or Online Bill Payment services, display the account for which you want to activate online services. You can do this, for example, by following these steps:

  1. Click the account’s hyperlink on the Accounts bar.

  2. Tell Quicken you want to set up online banking or bill payment.

    Click the Account Actions button and choose the Set Up Online command. Quicken may display an Account Setup dialog box that asks which version of your bank’s online banking service you’re already set up to use. If you see this question, select the online banking service that corresponds with what you’ve set up. Then click Next.


  3. Identify yourself.

    When Quicken displays the Quicken Account Setup dialog box that asks for your login information, supply your customer identification number and PIN.

Your bank or the Quicken folks may, as part of the application process, send you a letter asking for more information, a canceled check, or a signature. (If they do, of course, be sure to respond.)

Using Online Account Access and Online Bill Payment is extremely easy. You pay bills in pretty much the usual manner. You make account transfers in the same manner. And then you reconcile transactions with a mouse click.