How to Use Coupons Wisely - dummies

How to Use Coupons Wisely

The key to effective coupon use is to be organized about the process. Every coupon you need but can’t easily locate is cash slipping through your fingers.

Try those little wallet-shaped coupon organizers you can slip into your purse or pocket to keep your coupons organized by category. Once a month, go through your coupon organizer to check for expired coupons.

To make the most of your coupon savings

  • Look for double- and triple-coupon deals.

  • Look for coupons for items that are already on sale or deeply discounted.

  • Don’t assume you get the best deal with the coupon; store brands can still be cheaper.

  • Don’t plan your shopping list around the manufacturer’s coupons you’ve collected; instead, make your regular shopping list first, and then go to your coupon wallet and see whether you have current coupons for the items you’re buying.

  • When shopping online, look for online coupon codes to save on the purchase price or on shipping and handling charges; just type the name of the site you’re shopping at and coupons into your favorite search engine to see what you find.