Ticket to Ride: Buying a Train Ticket in Spanish - dummies

Ticket to Ride: Buying a Train Ticket in Spanish

If you’re going to ride the train in a Spanish-speaking country, you have to buy a train ticket first. To order your train ticket in Spanish, follow these easy steps:

  1. From the schedule, determine which train you want to take.

    Look at the schedule and see the times and destinations available.

  2. Verify when and from where the train leaves.

    To ask “What time does the train leave?”, you can say “¿A qué hora sale el tren?” (ah keh oh-rah sah-leh ehl trehn). If you’re unsure of what platform to go to, ask “¿De qué andén sale?” (deh keh ahn-dehn sah-leh) (“What platform does it leave from?”).

  3. Ask the window attendant for a ticket.

    For instance, if you want to go to La Paz, Bolivia, you may say “Un boleto para La Paz a las tres, por favor.” (oon bvoh-leh-toh pah-rah lah pahs ah las trehs pohr fah-bvohr) (“One ticket for La Paz at 3:00, please.”)

  4. Specify what class you want your seat to be in.

    When the window attendant asks you “¿Primera, segunda, o tercera clase?” (pree-meh-rah she-goohn-dah oh tehr-seh-rah klah-she) (“First, second, or third class?”), give the appropriate response, such as “Primera clase, por favor.” (pree-meh-rah klah-she pohr fah-bvohr) (“First class, please.”)

  5. Don’t forget to be polite!

    After all the attendant’s help, give him or her a hearty “¡Muchas gracias!” (moo-chahs grah-seeahs) (“Thank you very much!”).