Korean Calendar Terms - dummies

Korean Calendar Terms

By Jungwook Hong, Wang Lee

Part of Korean For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Being able to talk about the days of the week and months of the year are standard, new-language skills you need when learning Korean. The following tables list both, starting with the days of the week:

English Korean Translation Pronunciation
Monday woryoil wo-ryo-il
Tuesday hwayoil hwa-yo-il
Wednesday suyoil soo-yo-il
Thursday mogyoil mo-gyo-il
Friday geumyoil geu-myo-il
Saturday toyoil to-yo-il
Sunday iryoil ee-ryo-il

The following table translates the months into Korean:

English Korean Translation Pronunciation English Korean Translation Pronunciation
January irwol ee-rwol July chirwol chi-rwol
February iwol eeh-wol August parwol pa-rwol
March samwol sam-wol September guwol goo-wol
April sawol sa-wol October siwol shi-wol
May owol oh-wol November sibirwol ship-ee-rwol
June yuwol yoo-wol December sibiwol ship-ee-wol