How to Get a Closet Ready for a Wire Shelving System - dummies

How to Get a Closet Ready for a Wire Shelving System

Before you install a wire shelving system in a closet, you have some work to do first. To get a closet ready for wire shelving, take the time to clear everything out and decide what’s worth keeping.

By reorganizing the inside of your closet, you can almost double your closet space, making the chore of sorting through your stuff to install shelving well worth the effort. The real work is in cleaning out the closet and realizing that you used to actually fit into some of those clothes.

  1. Remove all the stuff inside the closet.

    Just do it! Think of this as an opportunity to get rid of items that you don’t wear or use. Donate the stuff to charity or to anybody who can use it; just get rid of it. If you don’t give away some of that stuff, no amount of shelves will tame the clutter.

  2. Remove the existing shelving and the clothes rod.

    It’s generally a matter of unscrewing screws or fasteners or pulling out nails that hold the shelf and pole in place. Use a pry bar if something won’t budge.

  3. Patch any nail holes.

    Use wallboard compound to fill any holes that were left after you removed the old fasteners.

  4. Apply a quick coat of paint to dirty or scuffed walls.

    The extra effort of painting will pay off every time you open the closet door.