How to Clean the Wheels and Tyres on Your Car - dummies

How to Clean the Wheels and Tyres on Your Car

By Gill Chilton

An essential part of cleaning your car at home is paying attention to the wheels and tyres. These are important for the quality of driving, but can also go a long way toward making your car shine! Knowing how to take good care of this part of the exterior will help maintain good attractive tyres.

Rubber tyres, which spin through mud and gunk as your car drives, clearly get extremely dirty. But it’s the metal wheel arch – typically covered by an attractive metal wheel trim (hubcap) – that most car cleaners like to home in on. Especially if you paid out for a sporty wheel trim, it makes sense to keep up a shining appearance.

Work on one wheel at a time. If you’re hugely keen, that can include the spare now and again. Hose off the mud. Lift off any mud that still won’t move with a smooth piece of wood or a smooth plastic kitchen spatula.

But take care: there could be sharp bits that could hurt your hands. Wearing rubber gloves, use a specialist cleaner along the metal areas. Follow up with a wheel cleaner, hosing this off before it gets too dry. To finish, a tyre-dressing product gives a mid-sheen finish.