Meditation Techniques to Use after a Yoga-with-Weights Workout - dummies

Meditation Techniques to Use after a Yoga-with-Weights Workout

By Sherri Baptiste, Megan Scott

Part of Yoga with Weights For Dummies Cheat Sheet

After your yoga-with-weights workout, meditating is an excellent way to cool down, rest your body and mind, and transition into the next activity of your day. Pick from the following meditation techniques to practice after your workout:

  • Sit in silence. Sit with your spine straight and remain silent, concentrating on the world around you.

  • Focus on your breath. Let your breath flow smoothly, evenly, and consistently, like waves on the shore.

  • Relax systematically. Take inventory of the different parts of your body — starting with your toes and working up — and relax them one at a time.

  • Use word repetition. Say a positive-affirmation word repeatedly and feel your brain embracing the positive influence, vibration, and nature of the word.

  • Meditate with the use of sound. Sit still and listen to the sounds around you without thinking about where the sounds originated or what the sounds mean.