How to Do the Hamstring Lift with an Exercise Ball

By LaReine Chabut

Hamstring lifts on an exercise ball work the entire lower body, which includes the hips, lower back, and legs. Because you use your feet and lower legs to control the movement of the ball, the hamstring lift can also be a challenging one for your calf muscles.

1Lie on the floor with your feet placed on top of the ball.

Place your arms on the floor alongside your body for support. Keep your feet relaxed.

2Exhale as you raise your hips and pelvis toward the ceiling.

Keep your back straight as you lift your hips. Press down into the ball with your feet to maintain your balance.

3Inhale as you slowly lower your hips back toward the floor.

Don’t lift your chin. Keep it tucked into your chest. Complete 10 repetitions.