How to Do Abdominal Crunches with an Exercise Ball - dummies

How to Do Abdominal Crunches with an Exercise Ball

By LaReine Chabut

Doing abdominal crunches with an exercise ball places the emphasis not only on the abs but also on the legs, butt, and hips. By grasping the ball between your knees, the larger abdominal muscles (or outer abdominals) get used a lot more intensely. This exercise focuses on working the upper body and training your core.

1Lying on the floor, rest your lower legs on the ball.

Your legs should be at a 90-degree angle, or very close.

2As you tighten your abdominals, grasp the ball between your legs and pull toward you, lifting the ball from the floor.

Relax your neck as you curl up into a crunch.

3With your hands on either side of your head, slowly lift your shoulders from the floor toward your knees.

Exhale as you curl up into the crunch.

4Hold the lift for a few seconds and slowly roll your shoulders back to the floor.

Inhale as you release back down. Complete ten repetitions.