Involve Children with IBS in Shopping - dummies

Involve Children with IBS in Shopping

By Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler

Letting your little IBS sufferer help you shop for his foods is a great way to help him feel like he has choices in spite of his restrictions. Work together to come up with safe snack and meal favorites.

Before heading to the market, make sure your child has had a satisfying snack or meal to diminish his cravings for unfriendly foods. All shoppers know that shopping hungry tends to make people want to grab everything in sight.

Put aside time to make the first shopping excursion a fun and thorough one. Leave the rest of the family at home for this one so you can both focus your attention on finding foods that fit.

At the store, give your kid as much control as possible when choosing IBS-friendly foods. Teach him how to read nutrition labels; a great rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, you should keep it off the IBS-friendly list.

See how quickly he can identify the sugar, wheat, and dairy on the labels, because he’s most likely avoiding these ingredients. You may want to do some detective work beforehand and have a list of IBS-friendly products to direct him towards.