Checklist for Diabetes Self-Management - dummies

Checklist for Diabetes Self-Management

Part of Diabetes For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

Managing diabetes requires good self-discipline and regular visits to your doctor or diabetes care team. Following is a checklist for your diabetes care — what you or your doctor should be checking on a daily, every three–four monthly or annual basis.

Picking up complications early is key to managing your diabetes. The earlier you or your doctor realise a health problem exists, the earlier that problem can be addressed and managed. Some of the investigations included in the following list are required more frequently if being actively treated.


  • Blood glucose self-monitoring, at the following frequencies:

    • Before meals and bedtime for person with type 1 diabetes

    • Before breakfast and at least one to two additional times through the day, preferably two hours after meals for person with type 2 diabetes on tablets.

    • Once daily for person with stable type 2 diabetes

    • Before and one hour after meals for pregnant woman with type 1 diabetes or gestational diabetes

  • Maintenance of healthy eating and exercise plan

  • Medication (if required)

Three–four monthly:

  • Blood pressure

  • Blood test for HbA1c

  • Foot exam if neuropathy is present

  • Weight


  • Dental review

  • Diet review

  • Dilated eye exam by eye doctor

  • Education review

  • Fasting lipid profile

  • Filament test for foot sensation

  • Medication review

  • Microalbuminuria measurement