Appropriate Standards for Continuing Diabetes Care - dummies

Appropriate Standards for Continuing Diabetes Care

Part of Diabetes For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

It is important to be aware and keep track of the various visits and checks that will occur in order to ensure the correct standard of your diabetes care. Print out and pin up the following guidelines to keep as a reminder.

  • Frequency of visits:

    • Daily if starting insulin

    • Monthly to 3 monthly (depending on type of medication) for starting oral drugs or changing treatment

    • Quarterly if on insulin or not meeting targets

    • Every 4–6 months if stable and not on insulin

  • History discussed at each visit:

    • Frequency and severity of hypoglycaemia

    • Results of blood glucose self-monitoring

    • Changes in treatment

    • Problems with compliance

    • Lifestyle changes

    • Symptoms of complications

    • Psychosocial issues

    • New medication

    • Other medical conditions

  • Physical checks to occur at each visit:

    • Blood pressure

    • Weight

    • Foot exam if neuropathy exists

    • Previous abnormal physical findings

  • Physical checks to occur at least annually:

    • Dilated eye exam by doctor or community diabetic retinopathy clinic

    • Foot examination and filament test for foot sensation

  • Lab tests:

    • Blood glucose every visit

    • Haemoglobin A1c every 3-6 months

    • Fasting lipid profile yearly

    • Microalbumin measurement yearly if urine protein negative