Choosing the Right Complementary Therapy for You

By Jacqueline Young

Part of Complementary Medicine For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Wondering which complementary therapy is the one for you? Here’s a handy guide to the sorts of therapies that are particularly appropriate for certain conditions:

  • Painful joints, or sports injury: Consider one of the manipulation or massage therapies or acupuncture.

  • Tired, menstrual or menopausal problems, problems with memory or concentration: Nutritional therapy.

  • Sluggish, bowel or urinary problems, skin problems: Naturopathy or herbal medicine.

  • Respiratory problems, migraines, or headaches: Homeopathy, herbal remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Stressed out, anxious, irritable, not sleeping well: Relaxation, breathing, and healing therapies, and aromatherapy.

  • Digestive problems, blood sugar imbalance, Type II diabetes, gall bladder problems: Ayurveda, Japanese, or Tibetan medicine or nutritional therapy.