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Supplies You Need for Playing Bridge

Before you can begin to play bridge, you need to outfit yourself with some basic supplies. Actually, you may already have some of these bridge supplies around the house, just begging for you to use them. What do you need? Here’s your bottom-line list:

  • Four warm bodies, including yours.

  • A table — a square one is best. In a pinch, you can play on a blanket, on a bed, indoors, outdoors, or even on a computer if you can’t find a live-and-in-person game.

  • One standard deck of playing cards (remove the jokers).

  • A pencil and a piece of paper on which you can keep score. You can use any old piece of paper — a legal pad, the back of a grocery list, or even an ancient piece of papyrus.

  • Snacks. You’ll need sustenance when you take a break. Playing bridge can become fierce!

Here are a couple of hints from a longtime bridge player about how you can make getting started with the game a little easier:

  • Watch a real bridge game to observe the mechanics of the game.

  • Round up three friends who are interested in playing. Don’t worry if you all don’t know what you’re doing. Everyone begins knowing nothing; some even end up that way.