Going Low-Tech for High Impact with Paleo Workouts - dummies

Going Low-Tech for High Impact with Paleo Workouts

By Kellyann Petrucci, Melissa Joulwan, Patrick Flynn, Adriana Harlan

You can gain strength, power, and aesthetics with Paleo fitness— vastly superior to that of 
the average individual indentured at the big-box gym — quickly, safely, and inexpensively through a choice selection of primal bodyweight exercises. Paleo fitness demands that you unplug, disconnect, and go low-tech to reap high yield. In fact, the primal exercises requiring little to no equipment often produce the biggest results and need no warming up to.

You’re probably familiar with many of the exercises that make up a Paleo fitness regimen. But are you sure you know how to do them correctly? Check out more than 20 videos demonstrating proper Paleo positions and correct forms to see how common exercises are performed.