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How to Create More Control in Your Daily Glycemic Load

By Meri Reffetto

One way to take control of your glycemic load is to get into the kitchen. Cooking at home can significantly improve your chances of following a low-glycemic lifestyle. Keep in mind, with cooking you can certainly make a recipe that is even higher in sugar than a store-bought convenience food, but in the same way you can also lower it. You have complete control!

Here are a few ways to take control and lesson your glycemic load.

  • When baking, decrease the sugar by a third or half. You’ll be surprised to see bakery items can still taste good without so much sugar.

  • Experiment with whole-grain flours when baking to lower the glycemic load. Keep in mind most flours are medium to high glycemic, but every little bit can help when you’re craving your favorite muffin!

  • Add nuts to baked goods. The protein and fat in nuts help to lower the glycemic load, in some cases considerably.

  • When cooking pasta, add a variety of vegetables and even meat or seafood. Use less pasta than normal, and you have a wonderful meal without depriving yourself of pasta.

  • Serve smaller home-made portions of bread, pasta, tortillas, and other starchy carbohydrates. Store-bought sandwiches, burritos, and other convenience items are giant and typically full of starchy carbohydrates, making the glycemic load high. At home you have much more control over the simple things like sandwiches and burritos.

  • Add more and more veggies to everything! Vegetables add flavor, texture, and bulk to the most simple of meals, meaning a more satisfying meal with a lower-glycemic load, lower calorie level, and more healthful nutrients. At home, throw tomatoes, lettuce, and avocadoes on a sandwich or add some grilled veggies to your burrito.