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You Can Attend Parties and Events while Eating Gluten-Free

By Nancy McEachern

You don’t have to avoid your gluten-eating friends or starve when enjoying your college party scene. Here are some simple ideas for surviving social gatherings:

  • Eat before you go. You can look for veggies and other safe foods to munch on at the gathering, but you won’t be famished if you can’t find safe options.

  • Keep your expectations low if you aren’t bringing any food.

  • Check with the host to make sure it’s okay to bring a dish. You never need to mention you’re gluten-free!

  • For potlucks, bring two dishes — a main dish and a side or dessert that you and others can enjoy — to give yourself more choices.

Even if you’re over 21, steer clear of beer unless it’s specifically marked gluten-free. Many alcoholic beverages are gluten-free.

Your college years may be filled with formals, weddings, and catered gatherings. Don’t let your gluten-free restrictions keep you away from these fun events! A few minutes of prep work can make it easy for you to enjoy festive meals with your friends and family.

Set yourself up for a great night out by asking the host who’s catering the party. Ask him whether he minds if you call the caterer and arrange for a gluten-free meal. Most caterers are well aware of what this entails, but a quick conversation can ensure you get safe fare.

This special request usually doesn’t cost the host extra money because it’s often just a matter of leaving off sauces and making sure that side dishes are free of croutons, breadcrumbs, and sauces.

On the night of the event, find the catering event manager when you arrive and alert her that you ordered a gluten-free version of the meal. You probably won’t get a gluten-free version of the dessert, but maybe you can snag some after-dinner fruit or a cup of coffee.