What Happens at a Science Fair - dummies

By Maxine Levaren

Part of Science Fair Projects For Dummies Cheat Sheet

So you’ve sweated over your brilliant science fair project, created a memorable display, and figured out how to get all your stuff to the science fair. When you get there, what happens next? Here’s a thumbnail sketch of what goes on:

  • Setup. Your project will be checked to make sure that it follows the rules, and then you’ll be given a display location.

  • Judging. Scientists and engineers who are volunteer judges will look at the projects in their fields and interview the students responsible for the work.

  • Awards ceremony. Usually, a public announcement of the winners is made in each category, along with professional society awards and sweepstakes awards.

  • Fun. You get to meet other students, see different projects, and enjoy whatever activities are planned for exhibitors.