SPSS Statistics Commonly Used Analyze Menus

By Keith McCormick, Jesus Salcedo, Aaron Poh

Part of SPSS Statistics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The following table provides a list of some of the most commonly used procedures within the Analyze menu of IBM SPSS Statistics, which is an application that performs statistical analysis on data.

Submenu Useful For . . .
Code Book Reports A quick look at all your variables at once. Level of
measurement automatically controls which summary statistics are
Frequencies Descriptives Most useful for categorical variables. You can run all of them
at once. Tells you how many of each category value you have.
Descriptives Descriptives Easy way to get basic scale variable info like mean and
Explore Descriptives Based on a famous book, Exploratory Data
. An effective way to look at all kinds of
variables, as well as pairs of variables.
Crosstabs Descriptives A test to check to see if categorical variables are independent
of each other or related to each other.
Means Compare Means Calculates subgroup means and related statistics for dependent
variables within categories of one or more independent
One-Sample T-Test Compare Means Tests whether the mean of a single variable differs from a
specified value (for example a group using a new learning method
compared to the school average).
Independent Samples T-Test Compare Means Tests whether the means for two groups differ on a continuous
dependent variable (for example, females versus males on
Paired Samples T-Test Compare Means Tests whether there is a significant difference in the mean
under two conditions (for example, before versus after, or standing
versus sitting).
One way ANOVA Compare Means Tests whether the means for two or more groups differ on a
continuous dependent variable (for example, drug1 versus drug2
versus drug3 on depression).
Bivariate Correlation Correlate Correlations determine the similarity or difference in the way
two continuous variables change in value from one case (row) to
another through the data.
Linear Regression Regression A statistical technique that is used to predict a continuous
dependent variable from one or more continuous independent