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Why Use Podcasts for Education in an iPad Classroom?

Podcasts allow students with iPads to share their learning and to learn from others. A podcast is a valuable educational tool that students can use to distribute audio or video files they create. Podcasts can also be subscribed to, meaning that they can be automatically downloaded to your iPad or other device.

So . . . why podcast?

  • The obvious response is partly that you can. Vocal presentation skills have always been important, but now technology allows students to easily record, submit, and share podcasts. It’s an ideal way for students to develop their abilities to express themselves verbally. In an era where you can chat or video call anyone in the world for a few cents, cultivating verbal presentation skills has become even more important.

  • Podcasts can be published and shared. You can opt to share podcasts within your local school community or even a worldwide audience. Traditionally, work was given to a single teacher. It’s amazing how much it motivates students to know that they are producing work for an audience.

  • Podcasting is an effective collaborative activity. Different group members can focus on skills such as research, planning, media, presentation, and more. Podcasting can also be cross-curricular.

  • Podcasts offer the opportunity to shatter that one-size-fits-all model of education. Some students are better writers, and others are more effective speakers. Give them an opportunity to develop their talents by occasionally allowing them to create podcasts instead of the traditional written assignment. Remember that opportunity can still include a written component such as research and scripts.

  • You can podcast from anywhere. The places are almost endless from a school sporting event, an interview with someone in the community, a school or family trip . . . anywhere you can take your mobile device.

  • Most conversations in class are dominated by the same handful of students. Podcasting, which can be kept private and within the class, is a simple way to allow all students to voice opinions and showcase their talents.

  • Podcasting is a process that involves preparation, recording, editing, publishing, and even possibly responding to comments and reactions. There’s a tendency to think of podcasting as a brief activity where someone sits down with a recording device and randomly records a short audio snippet. But it encompasses a variety of skills and can be a compelling educational activity for any group of students.

  • Podcasting is fun. Have some fun and distribute student work as a podcast every now and again. You can incorporate some of the content or skills required in a mini lesson before giving them their work.

  • Podcasting is a great tool for any type of language lesson. Whether students are learning English or English speakers are learning a foreign language, having them practice speech is the most difficult part to incorporate in class.

    It’s natural to shy to speak in a language until comfortable using it. Podcasting is an excellent opportunity to have students practice their speaking skills, and it can incorporate learning new vocabulary, writing skills, and more.